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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cohen's Vintage Outfits--22 months

Alright--NOW we are making some progress! I think I'll be pretty well caught up in a few more posts to the present. The first outfit is one of my favorite finds ever--I just love the print! I'm not sure you can tell but it has lions and people printed as well as houses. Why? I don't know. I SO want to believe this is unisex although I've gotten a few comments leading me to believe it would be best on a girl...what do you think?
The shirt in the second picture came from Sweet Shop Vintage and I thrifted the 60s cardigan. These are some of my favorite pictures of Cohen EVER (I'll probably say this again, I love so many of the pictures we take these days). Ok now I better go wake up this little man from his nap or I'll be in big trouble later...bye for now!


  1. love love love!!

  2. I love that red cardigan. It's just perfect!

  3. both outfits are awesome! he is so cute, love that silly grin in the fourth picture!

  4. Thanks Stacy! He's my little goofball...