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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cohen's Vintage Outfits--17 months

So I was completely wrong when I thought that the next pictures would be of better quality...this set was taken with our old camera on a dark day. Oh well, the good ones are coming I swear! I think these were taken around Christmas time last year, hence his very cheery outfit.
The only thing not vintage in this picture is the sweater. The monkey was my brother's when he was little, the boots are vintage stride-rite, and the pants are actually red overalls with embroidered dogs on them (got them off Etsy ages ago).

In other news, I've not been on the internet much lately. I've had zero motivation to list things in the shop too...which is terrible since I'm still BUYING things to list in the shop. I really need to buckle down today....

Oh and the Kentucky Derby was a great time....best people watching EVER! The races are pretty exciting too and it's just an overall interesting experience. My father-in-law and mother-in-law (who go every year) are the coolest for getting us tickets!


  1. Aren't they sooo cute?? I was sad when he outgrew them!