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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cohen's Vintage Outfits --15 months

Ah... my love affair with vintage overalls starts. It's unfortunate that I didn't take better pictures at this time...but his outfit wasn't really the focal point anyway. I was actually trying to capture his first real playdate with someone his own age (his friend Mr. Liam). The last photo really cracks me up! Another thing that is unfortunate about these pictures is they show our messy old house. I swear...this is only because we were MOVING at the time. I don't normally keep things so cluttered! Well at least I try not to. Most people probably wouldn't share these type of photos for everyone to see but I'm trying to be thorough with my documentation of his vintage outfits. I think it gets a little more interesting after this and the picture quality will go up very soon since we got a new camera shortly after these were taken.

In other news, I won't be posting for a little over a week because I'm going to Kentucky for the Derby! I never thought I would be going to a horse race...but Scott's dad gets tickets from his work and we know this could be our last chance to ever go (he may retire soon). This is our first time away from Cohen for a trip and I'm so nervous! My mom and dad are going to watch him while we are gone at our house though so I'm pretty happy about that. At least he can sleep in his own bed and have Mamu and Papa to play with. Anyway, I'll try to take some pictures to share if I get a chance. Have a good week!


  1. please post the pics no matter what, trust me, all of my pics of the boys are blurry because they are always MOVING and my house is NEVER clean :)

    have fun in kentucky!

  2. so cute! i too have an addiction to vintage overalls. my brother tells me they look to girly on my son but i LOVE them!!
    cohen is a cutie!

  3. You, lynxymama, and I should all start a group called overall addiction anonymous! :-)