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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cohen's Vintage Outfits--22 months

Alright--NOW we are making some progress! I think I'll be pretty well caught up in a few more posts to the present. The first outfit is one of my favorite finds ever--I just love the print! I'm not sure you can tell but it has lions and people printed as well as houses. Why? I don't know. I SO want to believe this is unisex although I've gotten a few comments leading me to believe it would be best on a girl...what do you think?
The shirt in the second picture came from Sweet Shop Vintage and I thrifted the 60s cardigan. These are some of my favorite pictures of Cohen EVER (I'll probably say this again, I love so many of the pictures we take these days). Ok now I better go wake up this little man from his nap or I'll be in big trouble later...bye for now!

Cohen's Vintage Outfits -20 months

Ok, I'm going to go at this double time now because otherwise I'll never be caught up and you will only ever see outfits of the past! These were taken when I was figuring out the new camera so I apologize for the bluish tint of the photos. I'm definitely not the photographer of the family! In the first pictures he is wearing a pair of vintage overalls with a cowboy and indian theme that I thrifted a LONG time ago. The second picture is also all thrifted --I love the 80s USA sweatshirt and the red corduroy pants. You can see Cohen was super irritated with me while I was taking these pictures. He's usually a big crank when he wakes up from his nap and needs lots of snuggling to be o.k. again....but I was determined to get some snapshots of his outfit anyway. Don't worry, I snuggled the heck out of him right after these were taken. Ok, that's all for now--although I may do another post later on today so that I can catch up to the present. I'm anxious to get onto other subjects!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cohen's Vintage Outfits-20 months

This is one of my favorite Cohen outfits--the shirt is the only thing vintage though. Truthfully, he hasn't really grown into it yet but I love the colors! The shoes were thrifted and the pants are Gap.

Ok that is all for now...and to anyone reading--I'm sorry these blog post are so lame. I bet I would have been better at this blogging thing if the weather was still crappy. Sun is a motivator for me to get up off my butt so I try to stay busy...but that means less time on the computer of course. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures and I'll try to keep those up at the very LEAST! :-)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cohen's Vintage Outfits--17 months

So I was completely wrong when I thought that the next pictures would be of better quality...this set was taken with our old camera on a dark day. Oh well, the good ones are coming I swear! I think these were taken around Christmas time last year, hence his very cheery outfit.
The only thing not vintage in this picture is the sweater. The monkey was my brother's when he was little, the boots are vintage stride-rite, and the pants are actually red overalls with embroidered dogs on them (got them off Etsy ages ago).

In other news, I've not been on the internet much lately. I've had zero motivation to list things in the shop too...which is terrible since I'm still BUYING things to list in the shop. I really need to buckle down today....

Oh and the Kentucky Derby was a great time....best people watching EVER! The races are pretty exciting too and it's just an overall interesting experience. My father-in-law and mother-in-law (who go every year) are the coolest for getting us tickets!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cohen's Vintage Outfits --15 months

Ah... my love affair with vintage overalls starts. It's unfortunate that I didn't take better pictures at this time...but his outfit wasn't really the focal point anyway. I was actually trying to capture his first real playdate with someone his own age (his friend Mr. Liam). The last photo really cracks me up! Another thing that is unfortunate about these pictures is they show our messy old house. I swear...this is only because we were MOVING at the time. I don't normally keep things so cluttered! Well at least I try not to. Most people probably wouldn't share these type of photos for everyone to see but I'm trying to be thorough with my documentation of his vintage outfits. I think it gets a little more interesting after this and the picture quality will go up very soon since we got a new camera shortly after these were taken.

In other news, I won't be posting for a little over a week because I'm going to Kentucky for the Derby! I never thought I would be going to a horse race...but Scott's dad gets tickets from his work and we know this could be our last chance to ever go (he may retire soon). This is our first time away from Cohen for a trip and I'm so nervous! My mom and dad are going to watch him while we are gone at our house though so I'm pretty happy about that. At least he can sleep in his own bed and have Mamu and Papa to play with. Anyway, I'll try to take some pictures to share if I get a chance. Have a good week!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Cohen's Vintage Outfits--9 months

I couldn't wait to put this on Cohen! This nautical romper was found by my mother ages ago. I had put it away hoping I could use it with my very own bambino someday. I almost missed my chance and this was my first lesson in how vintage runs small. I think it was labeled 12 months and Cohen was 9 months here. It fit him pretty snug (granted he had a layer on underneath) and I think I did manage to get it on him once after this but he didn't wear it as much as I would have liked. Ah well, the NEXT one will wear it more because I'll know 12 months in vintage land really means about 9-12 months. I just can't figure out --why the HECK was everyone so small back then?? I would blame it on too many kids eating McDonalds but Cohen never has eaten junk foods...and he falls in the smaller category for modern toddlers. Weird, eh?