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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cohen Vintage 2 years

 Oh man I love these photos!! I know, there are a TON that are pretty much the same thing but I had a hard time picking my favorites. Cohen had just woke up so his hair was really funny...and I just love the shirt we got from Lishyloo!! He of course got it dirty right away so there is a little black mark on the shirt in the photos...ah well, that's real life for you.

 Shirt from Lishyloo (love it...so, so much!)


  1. what a cutie pie, it looks fab on him of course!!

  2. Yes, great colors on that shirt! And love the bedhead!

  3. he is so cute and boyish all disheveled like that! awesome shirt, i love that his collar is popped :)

  4. both the hair and shirt are super cute

  5. Thanks for the nice comments! I kind of wish his hair would look like that all the time...hehe.