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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cohen's Vintage Style--LittleReaderVintage

So hard to find the time to do this anymore...I don't know how you serious bloggers do it!! :-) I managed to get a few shots of this shirt I bought recently from littlereadervintage. It's one of my favorite shirts for Cohen right now. Recently my friend Carly (starfriendsonearth) complimented him on it and without skipping a beat he replied "Thanks, I got it on sale". This was not true and I do not know what possessed him to say it...but it was hilarious. He must have heard me say that enough times that it stuck with him!

Shirt: littlereadervintage
Pants: Gap

See you guys next time!!


  1. Such a cute little shirt - I just love these vintage button ups! So great that Cohen was wearing one for this week too! We should photoshop him in! And love that he said it was on sale - too cute.

  2. lovely to see some pics of Cohen again, he looks super cute in his plaid shirt and I love his hair. Arlo has started proudly telling people he got his outfit at the Oppy whether he actually did or not

  3. He is going to be such a little charmer when he gets older- he looks adorable!

  4. Oh I do love a little boy in plaid and Cohen sure knows how to do it in great vintage style. What a cutie!
    I love the on 'sale' comment as well - very funny.

  5. ummm... he looks like he's flipping you off in that second pic! that shirt is awesome! his little sale comment is hilarious! oliver has really been on a 'fibbing' kick lately too. so funny!

  6. yay for boys in plaid button-ups! :)

  7. Ahhh! I've seen your name pop up in my comments and have been meaning to come over and say hello for so long, totally not realizing you have the BabyShapes shop! Your son looks absolutely adorable. I love Little Reader, as well, and just got a few amazing things. Hope you're having a great weekend!! xo