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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Vintage Christmas obsession.

Grandma's Christmas Nativity (Jesus is covered until Christmas which was her tradition).

Funny Japanese Santa

I think this shelf needs something more... like bottle brush trees or something...hmm.



  1. well, we sure have lot in common! not only do we have boys around the same age and are both addicted to childrens vintage but we are both obsessed with holiday vintage as well! i snapped some pics the other night but haven't got them posted yet. i have a huge obsession with pixie elves! very jealous of some of your holiday vintage! and i love that you are carrying on the tradition of covering baby jesus till xmas!

  2. Aw i love the pinecone cuties....and those ones next to them (in the round ornaments) are so cool!

  3. Oh yes, you've got some great stuff! I LOVE all your pinecone elves!! I have a few, but not as many as you. And my mom always used to hide the baby Jesus until Christmas morning. I'm not sure why I never carried that tradition over...?

    I'm featuring the overalls in tomorrow's LVS!

  4. you got same amzinge vintage christmas goodies , I wish could find some elfs here..

  5. Those red deer are amazing, what a lovely collection! :)

  6. Love all your fun Christmas stuff! Especially your collection of Christmas pinecone elves! I've loved those little guys for soooo long, but had never been able to find any until this past weekend at an estate sale. I walked in the door, saw a lady walk past me with 4 boxes on Shiny Brites, got super bummed I missed the Shiny Brites, but immediately searched the house high and low for more Christmas and found a random zip-loc bag in the kitchen with 4 little elves inside! It made up for missing the Shiny Brites...kind of! haha :)


    1. Those elves are my favorite!! I've had lots of good scores this season already but none of those. I got a bag of them last year for .50 cents!