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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cohen's Vintage Style

It is hard to catch up with this kid sometimes. He's not really interested in letting me take a picture of him anymore. I barely got these of him in this vintage nautical shirt! They aren't the best pictures but they'll just have to do for now.

I really love this shirt that I got from Olivers ForestShe and I did a trade awhile back in which I got those green overalls featured a few weeks ago and this shirt. It was the best trade EVER! I love her shop and recommend you all check her out every so often.

Also don't forget to check out my new store BabyShapes! I'm trying to add a few things everyday so check back often and don't be afraid to make offers or ask about trades! xo!

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  1. That shirt is amazing! So sweet!

  2. awwww... the shirt looks so good on cohen! yay, i'm glad it worked out! and yes, it was the best trade ever. we LOVE the cash register and play with it all the time! xo

  3. I love the shirt on him...so cute! And his kiddie car is amazing.

    p.s. the snakeskin dance costume- so funny! :)

  4. Bobby rides a little car around our house too! Love that little sailor top!

  5. what a great swap you did...love the vintage nautical...reminds me of the Love Boat...I loved that programme

  6. I love his speedster style! Especially with that fabulous shirt.

  7. love that print! and just added your shop to my favorites, i'll be eyeing it :)