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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cohen's Vintage Style

This could be the first and only time Cohen wears this outfit since it fits him perfect NOW and the weather is about to turn--but darn it anyway, I just had to get him into it for a Little Vintage Style!

Outfit was 100% thrifted. :-)


  1. ooooooooh my goodness... that's the best outfit ever! LOVE it!

  2. OH MY HEAVENS that is the most darling thing ever!!!! If you want to sell it, you totally have a buyer right here :)

  3. Killer. he is so cute i can hardly take it!!

  4. I love, love, love it...if we lived closer we could do a swap your summer for my winter vintage...but I guess if we lived closer we would have the same seasons...anyway I still would love to find this wee outfit thrifting

  5. oh my, so, so, so cute!! love the little belt! Maybe for winter you could layer a turtleneck underneath the shirt?

  6. that is so cute! he could totally be the most stylin' postman for halloween with a mail bag and knee socks, ha! LOVE it, great find!