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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cohen's Vintage Style --Being Silly !

Ok, again...busy, busy, busy. However, I had to post these pictures! This is the Cohen I know and love---being a GOOF! When he put these broken sunglasses on, we had such good laugh....holy cow, he can really crack me up sometimes! 
So the other thing these pictures show is how it looks in my living room most of the time...oops. Yes we were playing but I'm really bad about picking up toys. The IKEA piece in the background helps me stay organized a bit...but let's be honest, this is what it looks like most of the time anyway. We really need to work putting away toys into our routine. Cohen is actually really GOOD about it if I ask him, I just haven't stressed it enough.

Info on the clothes:The thrifted shirt probably isn't that old since it has Elmo on the sleeve...but it matches up nicely with a lot of his primary color bottoms. The only vintage is the 80s shorts shorts (which may or may not be on backwards). He is probably getting too big for them so I got them into Little Vintage Style JUST IN TIME!


  1. Ha! He is such a cool cat. :) What a cutie pie!

  2. OH, I love those shorts!! What a great find! So cheesy 80's, but perfect on a cute little boy!

    I laughed when I read your comment about NEEDING a little girl. Believe me, I NEEDED one, too! She'e my own personal little doll- ha ha! Of course, until she starts having an opinion...!

  3. i think it would be cute overload if we got cohen and harry in the same room. wow.

  4. Hi! what a cutie you have! i love his hair!
    thanks for stopping by with some sweet comments :)
    i've been a fan of your store for a while!!

  5. cohen, you've got good moves little dancin' machine!
    oh, and you should see my house... can hardly move without tripping on toys. yours actually looks pretty clean!

  6. hehehe, so is so cute rockin' those shorts!

  7. So cute - what a little ham! Love those shorts! {Our living room looks like this too!}

  8. Cohen has the best shorts, makes me realise I miss seeing cute toddler legs now it's cold and wintery here

  9. totally relate on the not good at picking up toys thing - i get around to it about once a week! i think we all need to be more silly like cohen!