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Friday, April 29, 2011

Catching up

I decided I'm going to do a post a day of Cohen in vintage until I run out of those photos and have to take more. Some of these photos may date back a ways but I just want to have them documented.
Here is the earliest photo I can find of Cohen in vintage. This was taken when he was about 2 months old I believe and I was trying to figure out what he would wear to his baptism.

As you can see, he loved it. This actually is the outfit his father wore for his baptism as a baby but based on Cohen's reaction we decided it wasn't worth it to us to have him wear the same thing. Anyway, that is the story of the first time I ever put anything vintage on my child. Stay tuned for the following (and equally fascinating) posts to come!


  1. lol! i love it! he hates it!

  2. Yeah it didn't go over well AT ALL! Maybe that is why I waited a few more months before putting vintage on him again?